comedy clubs in chandler Arizona

Best Comedy Clubs Around Chandler

Chandler is blessed to be surrounded by so many great comedy clubs in the area, but which are the best? Which ones regularly feature the best comics (both the well known and the up-and-coming)? We’ve got all the answers in our new blog and it’s no joke that we’re calling it the Best Comedy Clubs Near Chandler.

Launching our blog on the best comedy clubs in Chandler is improvMANIA over at 250 S. Arizona Ave. For those who like their comedy on the fly – without a script or a clue what to do or say next – improv can prove intoxicating. You need to show up early because this place is pretty popular (and small!) but you’ll be rewarded with some whip-smart laughs. We recommend you check out their What’s My Line show (modeled on Whose Line Is It Anyway) – a one hour improvisation that runs Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm and again at 9pm. Stand up comedy can be seen at 10pm on Saturdays.

Next up on our blog on the best comedy clubs around Chandler is Laughs De’luxx at 136 E. Washington Street in Phoenix. Held the first and third Thursday of every month, Laughs De’Luxx provides some pretty big lulz. Check out their upcoming Make America Laugh Again show on September 10th at 7:30pm with Julio Robles and more – it should be pretty darn funny!

Finishing up our blog on the best comedy clubs near Chandler is Comedy Off Main Street located at 38 S. MacDonald in Mesa. Tickets here are just $10 and snacks and soda are dirt cheap. And get this: there’s no minimum! Holding just 50 seats, this is as intimate as you can get. They showcase everything here from improve to stand up – simply check out their website for a list of upcoming shows. We love it here.

Here’s the punchline, everyone; all these comedy clubs near Chandler routinely show the best comics with the best material. And laughter is the best medicine!