Chandler restaurant spotlight - Smokin' Fins

Chandler Restaurant Spotlight: Smokin’ Fins

Chandler has so many great restaurants that we’re lucky to live here. But what’s amongst the best of the best? The restaurant that’s SO special it deserves it’s own spotlight? This month, we’re going to focus on the smoking Smokin’ Fins over at 900 N. 54st Street, Suite 1, open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Smokin’ Fins is all about fresh seafood, sushi, and their house-smoked specialties that include pork, turkey and baby back ribs. Chef Wiley Earl has put together a menu that is so good that they’ve expanded to a handful of locations. In fact, Chef Earl has a pretty amazing pedigree himself, having previously spent time in NYC and Miami working at places like Nobu and Nygard Cay.

Smokin’ Fins opened their latest place right here in Chandler back in March of this year – you can see how impressed we were when they opened on our blog about the best new restaurants in Chandler for 2017.

Some of the delectable delights you can expect there include fried avocado stuffed with lobster and crab, ahi salad, honey chipotle salmon and kobe beef tacos just to name a few.  One diner dubbed Smokin’ Fins in Chandler a “sushi heaven” – and we couldn’t agree more!

You hungry yet? We thought so – and so as long as you’re reading this after 11am, there’s nothing to stop you heading over there right now (unless it’s after 10pm when they close).

And it doesn’t just stop with an amazing meal. They also give back to the community, and host local business meetings as well as participate in school fundraising activities.

The Smokin’ Fin is packed with great food, drinks, people, and good times. They may have just opened this year but we’re willing to bet that they’re going to be with us for a long time to come!