The Best Ice Cream Shops in Gilbert

If you haven’t noticed, the sun’s back – boy, is it back – so it’s time to shift our focus onto beating the heat. And for us, at least, one of the best ways to do that is with ice cream (everybody screams for… yeah, yeah, we get it). But what are the best ice cream shops in Gilbert? Funny you should ask…

We’re gonna start this blog at Petersen’s Ice Cream & Café who’ve been plying their ice cream trade since 1919! Yup, that’s coming up to 100 years of taste, delicious ice cream. It’s a true gem too, with an old-fashioned ice cream parlor vibe (pastel mint, pink and white walls) and a menu that demands you try everything on it! They offer multiple different flavors along with shakes, malts, floats, coffees and cookie & donut ice cream sammiches! What are you waiting for? Get over there today!

The delightfully-named Udder Delights is another winner. In fact they’ve actually won Best Chocolate Milkshake from New Times and Best Dessert from Gilbert Magazine! They use hand-made ingredients (farmer’s cheeses, artisan butters and cheese-infused desserts) to make some of the most amazing ice cream ever! Their ice cream cake will not disappoint along with their seasonal ice creams. But for their basics, we sampled the Superstition Farm (hazelnut ice cream with real crushed hazelnuts), the White Chocolate Raspberry with Hot Fudge and even the Fruity Pebbles – and we loved each and every one. It’s super yum and the owner, Stephanie, really cares about the flavors she concocts!

And hands up who’s been to Bruster’s Real Ice Cream (it opened a couple months ago)! It’s a place devoted to old-fashioned, thick ice cream and we loved it. We sampled the Strawberry Tuxedo, the Oreo, the Mine Chocolate Chip and the Sea Salt Caramel with Toffee. Hats off to every one of those flavors because we were still hungry for more! You can also get crunchy handmade waffle cones, customized sundaes, candy-filled blasts and thick milkshakes there too. We can’t recommend it enough!

There you go; a few of the best ice cream shops in Gilbert and, trust us, they’re pretty amazing. Hopefully we’ll run into at any one of them (but if we keep running into you there, it’ll be pretty embarrassing)!