2017's Best Ice Cream Shops in Chandler, AZ

The Best Ice Cream Shops in Chandler, AZ This 2017

The sun has got his hat on! Hip hip hip hooray! The sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out today! Sure, they’re the lyrics to a 1932 song, but they’re very true today and so we turn our minds to the one thing that goes GREAT with sunshine – and that’s ice cream. So where are the best ice cream shops in Chandler to be found? Thought you’d never ask!

First up, you need to try the ice cream sammies at… Ice Cream Sammies! They make all their own ice cream and cookies fresh daily in house. Yep, you can watch ‘em do I as they’re one of the few places in the country that actually has a dairy processing license! We loved it; the employees seemed happy to be there and ordering was a delight. You choose your dream ice cream sandwich whether it includes cookies, brownies or even donuts. We sampled the cotton candy and birthday cake flavors and loved both (so flavorful). We also tried a coconut milkshake that was so creamy and delicious too.

Have you tried Petersen’s Ice Cream & Café because if not, you need to head over there now. Launched in 1919 by Hans Petersen, he applied his old world recipe of 18% butterfat ice cream, combined with the finest of flavorings, fruits, and nuts. We sampled Moose Tracks – amazing – Butter Pecan – creamy! – and a Brownie Sundae with a scoop of mint chocolate chip – MIND BLOWING! The people working here were all so lovely too.

Then there’s Doc’s Artisan Ice Creams which is another of the best ice cream shops we found. It’s locally owned and operated, contains handmade products with unique ingredients and the employees are all very enthusiastic about what they do and how they do it. We sampled the Sweet Cream & Tart Cherry and the Chocolate Sorbet and both were delicious! And the chocolate gelato was phenomenal too. Get thee to Doc’s as soon as you can!!

Next up we tried Fatty Daddy’s and really liked what we saw (and slurped!). The space is in a small strip mall a little off the main road. Hard to find unless you’re looking for it. The store itself is on the smaller side with a few tables and chairs for seating. It’s bright and airy in there with lots of colorful accents as well as several ice cream flavors and coffee beverages for the taking. We sampled their special with mango and nutella ice cream, a vanilla macaroon and a toasted marshmallow and now we don’t ever want to leave!

Wherever you go, enjoy a great ice cream!