2017's Best Florists & Flower Shops in Chandler, AZ

The Best Flower Shops in Chandler, AZ

A good florist is a great thing to have in your back pocket because you never know when you’ll need one. Whether it’s buying flowers for a date or a loved one; whether it’s a special event or a birthday – having a go-to florist is a pretty good idea (and one of the easier ways of adulting). But which ones are the good ones? No, which ones are the BEST ones? We’ve got ‘em for you right here.

We’ll begin with Cactus Flower Florists over on 2040 S. Alma School Road, Suite 20.  They’ve been up and running since 1972 and does same-day deliveries if you need them (as long as you order by 1pm in the recipients time zone – because they do nationwide flower delivery too!).  The people who work here are incredibly helpful and if you pop in the store itself you’ll find a gorgeous selection of bouquets and flowers. If you’re ordering flowers to be delivered, you’ll find a much better selection and help if you either go into the store or call them directly than you will if you just use the online option.

You could/should also try Chandler Flowers at 245 N. Arizona Ave.  They’re open Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm and on Saturday from 9am-1pm. They’re an honest to goodness mom and pop shop! Mom makes the beautiful flowers and Pop delivers them – there’s no call center or scripted order takers here. They have been serving our community since 1958 and they want you to see how a real full service florist works! They’re super quick at what they do and have beautiful selections and even give you instructions on how to make them last longer (quick tip: put them in the fridge at night and keep them watered!). We can’t recommend them highly enough!

We also loved Rose Garden Flowers. They’ve been at this game for over 30 years so don’t let the arrangements on their website – which aren’t particularly inspiring – fool you. They can handle bulk orders just as smoothly as they handle smaller ones and their displays are stunning. Prices are also very reasonable too. They also do consultations by appointment for big events. Ask for Lori when you call!

Any of these florists are going to come in VERY handy at a moment’s notice so keep their names in your phone.