Best Camping Spots In Arizona

With summer here and National Camping Month upon us, there’s nothing like spending the nights outside under the warm starry skies. But where can you find the best camping spots and sites in Arizona? We thought you’d never ask…

Let’s begin our tour with Ashurst Lake Campground. It’s all about amazing fishing here so bring along some fishing gear along with your tents. The lake is stocked with trout and bass! If fishing ain’t your thing, no worries; the bird-watching here is second-to-none. Look out for white-faced ibises along with cinnamon teal, pintails, and other ducks. And that’s not all; you can go windsurfing here as the wind is strong enough as well as board sailing! We love it there.

Talking of the best camping in Arizona, who’s been to Canyon Point Campground? Here you can find electric hookups, trailers that extend up to seventy five feet, flush toilets, showers, and far more. There’s also a general store just a couple miles away! Canyon Point is also a great place to make a base camp if you want to explore the outer areas.

No list of the best camping spots in Arizona – especially in light of National Great Outdoors Month too –  would be complete without Fool Hollow Lake Campground. The park, that opened as recently as 1994, allows visitors to camp amongst tall pines as well as hike around a lake that’s 6,300 feet in elevation. It’s a really popular place too, offering up not just camping but fishing, boating, picnicking and some breathtaking wildlife for you to take a peek at. We love camping here and we think you would too.

Finally, to wrap up our tour of the best camping in Arizona,  we recommend Hannagan Meadow Campground. This campground also comes with hunting, fishing, winter trails and some of the most gorgeous views from the edge of the Mogollon Rim. And we do mean gorgeous! It’s like Instagram come to life! Go there now.

Wherever you go camping here in Arizona, be safe and have a great time during National Camping Month while celebrating and enjoying the great outdoors!