The Best Breweries In Chandler

Who doesn’t like a good beer? Well, apart from people who don’t like beer? Do the math: ignore the people who don’t like beer, carry the one…and that’s everyone! And we’re not talking your average beer bought in your average store, oh no. We’re talking breweries –  specifically breweries and micro-breweries in Chandler, AZ. That’s right, we rolled up our sleeves and headed out to find the very best in town just so we could tell you about it.

Ain’t some jobs the worst?

Let’s start off with the brand new Oro Brewery which only opened last year. What a splash it’s made! They carry a bunch of IPA’s along with unexpected and unique craft beers (just check out their blackboard for what’s on tap for the day, no pun intended). We tasted their Frihoff Oatmeal Stout and loved it. They also partner up with Worth Takeaway, a nearby sandwich shop, which will deliver your sammiches while you’re at the bar. Oh, and tip; they’ve got plenty of parking in the back so don’t forget to look there! The atmosphere there is also very cool and unpretentious.

Next up, we tried Lochiel Brewing – and it was another win! Founded in 2015, it serves up brews made from Scottish recipes from the family of owner Ian Cameron. We found their offerings pretty tasty; from Red to Mild, from to Porter to Golden.  To be clear, it’s a not a brewery with a restaurant or a brewpub; it’s in fact a brewery with a tap room (think of it as a factory with a showroom although they do have a few pre-packaged snacks).

We also recommend The Shop Beer Co, a house with a patio! They brew about six beers and bring in another six – but bottom line is that this is a real tasting room. They also offer different flavored brews each week so hit them up on social media to find out what they’ve got that week (we enjoyed the Hoppy Red and Coffee Brown). Food comes from the onsite food truck and we loved the burger we got from it. It has a fantastic atmosphere too (the whole place, not the burger!).

At the end of the day, a beer just ain’t a beer without your dog by your side and the Blasted Barley Beer Company delivers on the food, the brews and lets your bring your furry friend. They have over 30 craft beer varieties on tap and we enjoyed the SanTan Hefeweizen. They also don’t scrimp on the food either; it’s way better than your average bar.

Hopefully we listed enough of the best breweries in Chandler for you to get out there and try some for yourself. There are so many great micro-breweries in town that it’d be a shame not to try them all!